Giant Princess

Based in Houston, TX the 20-something quintet, features Collin Hedrick on vocals, co-founder Jaime Nava on drums, Diego Esparza on keyboards, Brett Taylor on guitar and James Templeton on bass. Since forming a couple of years ago, Giant Princess has become one of the centerpieces of Houston’s DIY indie scene. Their debut album, Zip Zop Wow, previously available at select live shows on homemade CD-Rs and sporadically via download on their MySpace, has just been pressed to vinyl. Giant Princess’s latest release is a 6 song EP titled Mexican Easter, released only on cassette.

“Defiantly weird, lo-fi by virtue of aesthetic as much as circumstance, willfully obtuse but still undeniably rock, Zip Zop Wow recalls everything from late-’70s New Zealand home recording pioneers such as the Clean to modern-day weirdo punks No Age to ’60s Texas garage rockers the Seeds.” —Joe Mathlete


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