About the Video: Giant Princess – Mexican Easter: The Movie is a film in three parts, with three songs by the band Giant Princess. Part 1 “Gunplay” introduces us to Hair Fantasy, a demented, twisted, sickening mass of hair and barbed wire, who can enter peoples minds and make them do the most despicable things. Part 2 “Gorillaz in The Bliss” is the introduction of our hero, Detective Lucien who slowly uncovers the mystery of Hair Fantasy. Part 3 “Lucien Walk” is the culmination of this battle between good and evil, man and fantasy, reality and imagination. Will Hair Fantasy control the world? Can Detective Lucien stop him? Only time will tell.


Song is titled Fourth of July and performed live at Giant Princess’s Instore at Cactus Music. Song has not yet been released.

Song is titled Phantom of the Opera performed live at Walter’s on Washington. Song has not yet been released.


Song is titled Lucien Walk from their latest Mexican Easter EP, released only on cassette. Footage is from Ghoulsfest, a festival that featured artists such as Daniel Johnston, Bad Brains, and GIrl in a Coma.

Songs are titled SIdewurld and Adventure, performed live at Wild Moccasins CD Release. The Song Adventure can be found off Giant Princess’s 1st release, Zip Zop Wow.

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